1. Good luck with you travel plans and hope you do make it to South America. Whan an awesome place to have on the list! A high priority goal for me is to see more of Western Australia, particularly the Coral Coast and The Kimberley.

  2. 1/5/2013

    It’s hilarious how like clockwork my gym is packed for the first two weeks of January, and throughout the year people drop like flies back to their old sedentary lifestyles.

  3. 1/5/2013

    Guy Manningham, thanks for the comment. Yes, changing bad habits is always hard work, that’s why we suggest breaking goals up into more manageable goals. As motivated as readers may feel at the New Years period, it’s always difficult to maintain that level of motivation — especially in a gym, where the work is hard.

    I’m not sure I find it as hilarious as you that people cannot maintain their resolutions.

    I will be posting on effective ways to make changes in the near future… to help people prioritise their goal, track progress, and see results. That way, perhaps they will last longer than a month in the gym.

    Of course, it works for any goal-setting, not just in the gym.

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