1. 8/1/2012

    SUP’ing across Lake Tahoe would be a bitch. It’s 12 miles across and the boaters are very inconsiderate to SUPers and kayakers. They don’t slow down. Don’t let me discourage your goal, but maybe a more realistic (I hate that word, so hate me for using it) would be to SUP from Baldwin Beach to Emerald Bay and on up to DL Bliss State Park. Just my opinion having just been there kayaking about a week ago. It’s a beautiful place, so no matter what you decide, you’ll love it there!

  2. 8/1/2012

    Hey Steven!
    Thanks for the heads up! I’m going to look into that route as well!
    Maybe if I plan my SUP across it to start at the beginning of sunrise? It’s still going to be tough with all the boats, but I feel like I just have to do this, ya know? I’ll have to get a highlighter colored shirt to where or something hah :oP

    Cheers! Oh and badass on the kayaking!!!!
    – Lauren :)

  3. 8/1/2012

    Well, here’s what I know. A (good) kayaker can make it about a mile and a half in an hour. SUP is much less efficient. For a kayaker to make it across the lake, it’d take 8 hours minimum to do the full twelve miles. In my experience of kayaking from Baldwin Beach to Emerald Bay and back, that was a “full” day. We started around 10 in the morning and were back around 4ish. After six hours of paddling, I was shot. That said, I don’t kayak reguarly (though I do consider myself to be in moderately good shape.) I wouldn’t just head out on the lake without a lot of preparation. I’m not saying you can’t do it (you can.) I’m just saying it’s going to be a TON of work and to be prepared (and maybe have a bailout plan.) And yes, wear brightly colored clothes…I doubt boaters would expect a paddle boarder to be in the middle of the lake. 😉

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