In April 2011, I set off from Perth, Western Australia with grandeous plans to explore Europe for 2 years.

“2 Years?” my Dad said “You’ll be back in 3 months. Europe is bloody expensive. You’ll get bored of it.”

The original plan included a 2 year working holiday visa for the UK; and completely obeying the Schengen Visa limitations of 90 days inside the zone, for every 180 days passed.

But one thing you learn once you start travelling, is things don’t always go to plan. Travel teaches you to be flexible, and adaptable, and to keep an open itinerary.

My itinerary changed many times since I started back in April, 2011. I never did work in the UK, I never even saw the UK outside of London. Amazing how things change.

If you’re interested, my itinerary can be broken up into 3 categories:

My pre-trip itinerary plans (Planned Trips)

The evolving planning process (How I Planned My Trips)

A look back on the actual itineraries I followed  (Actual Trips), including recommendations for your trip.

All itinerary posts are listed below: