1. 10/17/2011

    It looks perfect!  Comfortable, cozy and sounds like it’s in a great location.  Congrats and I’m looking forward to your updates on life in Madrid.

  2. Gregory Pajot

    Nice! I think we’re in the same boat as far as how nice it is to be able to unpack and get some stability and consistency back after travel burn-out. I’m really glad I decided to teach English for part of the year rather than just travelling the whole year. At first endless travelling sounded real great but it does wear on you. I’m perfectly happy to take short adventure trips on the weekends and on holiday breaks. I think when you travel travel travel you lose some of your passion for discovering new things and take much of what’s around you for granted: exactly not what you want. When traveling for shorter and well-defined periods of time, you’re more sure to make the most of every minute.

    I hope you find yourself a good teaching job! I just started mine here in China; really excited to be here.

  3. Dana de Brito

    Nice place! Have a spot that feels like a ‘home’ you can come back to after a looong day always feels great :)

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